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Co.dx is a platform that helps businesses across multiple industries solve key problems through low code, custom business applications. Co.dx is built with the sole purpose of ensuring every stakeholder has the needed intelligence to make quick and effective decisions that unlock real world value.


We have codified and blended the knowledge of data science and business experts to deliver features that change the way businesses solve problems

AI/ML Widgets

Simplify data science with advanced and comprehensive AI/ML widgets that automate tasks across data engineering, data science and visualization

Solution Blueprints

Benefit from state-of-the-art solution blueprints, infused with the IP of industry and data science experts, that capture the nuance of your industry

App Builder

Generate robust applications that convert data science jargon into an easy to use business application designed to provide actionable insights

Visual Templates

Leverage human-centric visual app templates available for a multitude of business problems and industries to maximize usage and impact of solutions


Co.dx’s features enables the construction of apps that are scalable ,customizable and can easily integrate with technical and business ecosystems

Build Scalable Apps

Co.dx’s features ensures that all applications, once built, are plug and play, making them easy to scale across teams and geographies

Minimize Time to Value

A combination of codified solutions & a human centric approach to App creation leads to quick turnaround applications that generate immediate value

Simplify App Deployment

The App Builder along with the App Templates speeds up and simplifies the process of building best-in-class business applications

Build Customizable Apps

The AI/ML widgets and solution blueprints – the building blocks of all Co.dx applications – are completely customizable


Co.dx App Suites are Mature Ready-to-Deploy Application Bundles Designed to Solve Specific Business Problems

By leveraging Co.dx, we have developed App Suites to further reduce the time to value gained from Co.dx applications. Each App Suite is designed exclusively for certain industries and business problem areas by subject matter experts. These highly advanced apps provide stakeholders with action-oriented decision intelligence that allows them to make key decisions to move the business needle. All the apps are built to handle scale for businesses to reap maximum value.